2014 Closeout Sale


2014 closeout and back to school sale.

With the 2015 model year almost upon us, now is the perfect time to swing on by and pick up a great bicycle at a discount price at our 2014 CLOSEOUT SALE. With bicycles starting as low as $299 and low down payments why not ditch the car and save on gas while your at it. You cant afford to miss out on the 2014 CLOSEOUT SALE.


Here at Flagstaff Bicycle and Fitness we carry a diverse array of bicycles and cycling products.

Including but not limited to:

About Us


Flagstaff Bicycle and Fitness has been serving the Flagstaff cycling community since 1979...

We are conveniently located at the intersection of rustic Route 66 and 4th st, right next to the Farmers Market. We proudly service all makes and models of bicycles, tricycles, and unicycles. We cater to all riders, from beginners, new to the sport, all the way to the hardcore cycling enthusiast.

*more to come...

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Popular Services

While we offer a diverse array of services, some we offer more often than others. This list represents 'average' prices. however Bring your bike on by for a more accurate estimate. some prices may be less, some may be more.

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Our Address

Flagstaff Bicycle & Fitness
2404 Route 66
East Flagstaff
AZ 86004

Tel: 928-526-2780
Email: ???@???.???


were working with google to get a nice little maps page here aswell.